Some form of Hypnosis is used by most of the successful Sports personalities, the world over, in every discipline of sport. Success owes around 70 %, to the talent of the sports person, while the most significant 30 % comes from the mind. As they say –

Apprehensions & anxieties come up in our minds in the form of :

Am I good enough to win against such a formidable opposition
Do I deserve to win, with the kind of my preparation
Will I be able to handle the intense pressure
Fear of failure & the consequent ridicule that follows
Need to deliver, again & again & again …….

Understand that “the Best of Sportsmen” go through all of these feelings. You are not alone. While you train physically a lot, you need to prepare mentally too.

One of the actual cases that I handled :
She was an 18 year old girl from Navi Mumbai, who was on top in state swimming competitions, clocking the “100 metre freestyle” in 33 seconds. She was taking part at the Nationals Meet, wherein she had to be under 30 seconds. After a series of around 6 sessions, she could do it in 30 seconds, but then she had to do it consistently & improve further.
The most powerful suggestion to a person’s Conscious Mind (on any issue) is – when the said person’s Sub Conscious Mind delivers it to the Conscious Mind. You start feeling then – Somehow I will win this. This feeling brings to the fore – some extra ordinary energy that makes you win, not just in sports but in any walk of life.

Look at what some of the greatest sportsmen feel on this subject :

Boxer Ken Norton used extensive Hypnosis training before his famous victory over Mohammed Ali.  
Tiger Woods’ mental coach, Jay Brunza hypnotizes him, to calm his mind & block out all distractions& to focus on the Golf Course. Tiger has been using Hypnotherapy since he was 13.  
Tennis Player Jimmy Connors used Hypno to win his first US open. Hypnosis was instrumental in forming the person that I have become.  
Ms. Angela Bailey, the Canadian Olympic Medallist, who ran the 100 metres in 10.98 seconds. She is a very famous Sports Hypnotherapist, today.  
Phil Jackson, Head Coach of Chicago Bulls made Hypnosis a regular part of Chicago Bulls training, which had the legendary Mike Jordan.

They won the NBA title 7 times The Russian Sports contingent, which took part in the 1956 Olympics, had 6 Hypnotherapists, in the entourage.  
Kevin McBride, a heavyweight boxer, who beat Mike Tyson for the Championship sys – A lot of athletes use only 2 % to 8% of their ability at any given time. What Hypnosis does is to send out signals to the Sub Conscious Mind that makes you leave nothing behind.  

My specific offerings here are :

Increasing the Self belief  
Ways to handle the intense pressure during the final moments  
Removing those nagging doubts…..Will I….  
Helping to reach the next level of performance  
Achieving the mental calm …no matter what the odds are …  

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