First & foremost, being in a hypnotic state is nothing new to any of us, in the world. Without knowing about it, every one of us goes through that state, at least twice a day. At night, just before we go to sleep & in the morning as we open our eyes for the first time in the day. We also go through hypnotic trance, when we are listening to music with our eyes closed & oblivious to the surroundings. If you get into “simple meditation” with your closed, you would automatically slip into a trance. Therefore please understand that you are not going to try something, which your body or mind is never used to.  

An added advantage of using self-hypnosis is the reduction in stress that usually ensues from its regular use – a bit like meditation! Because self-hypnosis is a form of mental and physical relaxation, it has the ability to remove the stress of the day to leave you feeling extremely relaxed yet energetically revitalized.

Self Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind, which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration (trance) with the willingness to follow instructions (suggestibility)

Please go thru’ “Myths about Hypnotherapy” to get a better understanding of the concept. Hypnotic Empowerment would periodically conduct 1 – day Workshops on “Self Hypnosis” which would significantly help the participants.

The workshop would broadly cover :

  •    Criticality of Sub Conscious Mind in our life
  •    Role of Hypnotherapy, to understand our Sub Conscious Mind
  •    Theory of Mind
  •    Self Hypnosis Sessions
  •    Hypnotherapy session – an actual demonstration

Await the announcements & you can do “On – Line Registration and benefit a lot.

All the very best.