My specific offerings herein are as under. Contact me, to suit your needs.

I offer :

Free lectures at Schools.
Group therapies to a set of say – 30 to 50 students,
at a reasonable cost that can be mutually discussed & agree upon
1 to 1 Hypnotherapy healing sessions
Specific issues addressed :

Improving focus & concentration
Mental relaxation
Removing / reducing exam related fear
Ways to activate the memory recall
Major mood swings, resulting in a “sudden changed behaviour”      
Hyperactive children

Children today go thru’ a lot of stress / anxiety  & tension, in their journey of life. They have to put up with peer – pressure, parental expectations, expectations of people around to excel in very many areas & on & on & on…. With most students attending tuition classes, the boys & girls are left with very time for their personal development. They live with a constant “fear of performance & having to deliver”, week after week, month after month. In many many cases, this approach, more often than not, turns counter – productive.

Further, there are many children with unidentified problems like – Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Disgraphia & such others. In fact my own son had the problem of Dyscalculia, which I had to deal (during his 10th standard) with – patience, love & medical support. My son would say – 47 but write 74. He has shaped up quite well now, with close love & care. With many cases coming to me from “School Going Children” I am positive that this problem is lot more rampant than what we think. Parents here, just don’t heal their ward, they shape the ward’s life- it is as important as that.

Problems get to a different level, when the (innocent) girl or the boy is subjected to teasing by friends, scolding by teachers, strong punishments in front of all his / her friends. These scars remain in their minds for a very long time, sometimes all through their lives. This leads to – strong withdrawal, low self esteem, losing confidence etc., which may severely affect their future life.

When they are crying for support, all that they get is – criticisms, lecturing, scolding & beating. Is this not the best way to squeeze out, every bit of zeal from their life. I can very effectively help such students, if you got in touch with me.

There is a very high level of tension & stress for students in Class 9, 10, 11 & 12. During their examinations, even the parents go through major emotional upheavals. To some extent, I have very much experienced this, in my life. I can help both the parents & the wards during such times of distress.

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 May GOD bless you.