Delivery of the process shall be at your office premises and during office hours when the concerned Executive will be away from his / her seat for just 2 hours. Improve your Corporate Performance by at least 2 %

The purpose of this section is to place before you & the Senior Management Staff of your Group, the unmatched benefits of Hypnotherapy that can significantly improve the productivity & the profitability of your group. Let me give it a financial quantification – it shall improve by at least 2 %, which means that if your Turnover / PAT is Rs. 1000 Cr., it shall go up by a minimum of Rs. 20 Cr. Does it sound a little preposterous! Well, let me briefly explain to you my Hypnotherapeutic offerings & how it will help you. The entire process is built on the bedrock of “bringing about an attitudinal change for the better by cleansing the existing mindset, stored in our Sub Conscious Mind & about which we are not aware of, at a Conscious Level”.

I am making this statement with a clear understanding of the dictum –


 “Promises are easy but delivery is not”

I am also fully aware of the fact that the veracity of my claim can be checked out within 3 – 4 Hypnotherapy sessions of around 90 minutes each, which means that it will just take you around 300 minutes to conclude, if this is of any real use to you, at all.

Let me share with you “the simple secret behind this”. It is very easy to understand but extremely difficult to put into practice.

Our Mind is greatly conditioned by what is stored in our Sub Conscious Mind.
A “Winning Positive Attitude” can deliver great results but is very difficult to imbibe the same & much more difficult to retain.
On the other hand, a “Negative Approach arising out of Anger or Depression” embraces us so very easily & is extremely difficult to shrug off.
The “Power of Negative Approach” is mind blowing. Consider this. A person with a hole in the heart or terminal disease somehow wants to live. It is the person with Depression, who leaps to death or slashes a wrist or hurts someone grievously.
The rich & famous ones are no exception to this please. Remember Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe & many more. After all, they are humans too.

A. How do these emotions manifest in the day to day Corporate lives –  examples :

The President of a SBU (say 1 among 8 other Divisions of a Group) feels that the performance of his / her group is not properly recognized (rightly or wrongly) by the Top Management & consequently enough support is not forthcoming, to propel its growth. He / She is angry & frustrated. Most times, it is accompanied by a strong sense of insecurity of “wanting to hold on to the Position and / or Job. This attitude slowly percolates down, through the SBU – when “Milestones are replaced with – just somehow hang – on”.
While embarking on “Major Policy Initiatives for the Group”, how many times have you had to “seriously factor – in” the likely responses of personalities forming part of that “Decision – loop”---- his / her preferences, prejudices & the likes.
Thru’ Hypno sessions, the person can be made to willingly support the initiatives by removing the misgivings. I really mean every part of this statement.
Won’t you be more happy, if the decisions were driven by Financial and Economic factors, emerging business dynamics, evolving Market trends & so on – if not completely, at least largely !!
If the said person openly opposes a certain decision, it is fine. You know, where he / she stands on a certain issue. But if they silently start applying hand brakes mid way, that can do serious damage. The Group ends up paying the price. It is herein that I mentioned (earlier), the 2 % increase in productivity.

 B. My specific offerings : Experience the exciting solutions to overcome problems like :

For whom : For Adults (Males & Females of any age & any Level)

Marital & Relationship Problems
Tension, Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Unknown Fear & Mental Unrest
Unexplained fear about the Future
Sleeplessness / Insomnia / general mental unrest
Kicking out habits - Drinking / Smoking / Drug Abuse & the likes
Breaking a “Recurrent Negative Pattern in Life”
Handling “business & financial related problems”
Sudden & major behavioral change, called Schizophrenia
Past Life Regression that I Specialize in, which is an extremely powerful tool, to solve many problems


C. Venue :
It can be at your Office Premises & during the Office hours.
The person wouldbe off from his / her work for just  - 120 Minutes. 

D.  Just what do I need to carry out these Hypnotherapy Sessions :
Just a comfortable A/c cabin of 150 sq. ft., with 7 ft. / 3 ft. Cozy Bed & a Chair.
That’s all.


A whole lot of questions may cross your mind. I can appreciate that. But then, the only way by which I can dispel your misgivings is – by delivering on my promise. I promise you – Tangible, Measurable Results. The change in the said person would be felt clearly by the person & the people around them.

As Dr. Brian Weiss, one of the greatest exponents of Modern hypnotherapy said that he experienced “extreme skepticism from others” in the initial years. Only a very few decided to give it a try. I am sure you would be one among those, who would try it out before passing a judgement on its utility & usefulness.

Have a nice day. Let me know.