My specific offerings herein are as under. Contact me, to suit your needs.

I request you to kindly go thru the section “For Schools” because the nature of problems confronted by College going children are much the same, but on a slightly higher dimension. Some of these kids are further distracted by “too much into surfing, web chat, dating, visiting clubs & discotheques” and the like. In some of the unfortunate cases, kids get into drugs, being in “very wrong company” & in the process “getting derailed from Life”.


 I offer :

1.   Free lectures at Colleges / MBA Institutes.
2.   Group therapies to a set of say – 30 to 50 students, at a cost that can be mutually discussed & agreed upon.
3.   1 to 1 Hypnotherapy healing sessions

Specific issues addressed :

Improving focus & concentration
Mental relaxation
Removing / reducing exam related fear
Major mood swings, resulting in a “sudden changed behavior”
Improving Communication Skills
Interview fear / Attending Group Discussions with certain confidence
Career Goal setting

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