You have taken an important step in life, to cure some problems of yours thru’ a science that you have to personally experience….that will make your “halting belief ” into an “unimpeachable conviction”.

Before you proceed, I suggest that you carefully read the section, “Issues that can be resolved thru’ Hypnotherapy”. If you also read“What is hypnotherapy”, your understanding would be that much better. Your aspirations & expectations would then be closer to reality.


My Fee :
Rs. 1500 / hour. It shall be held my place, a comfortable penthouse, affording privacy.

It is better to reach me on the phone & fix up an appointment. However you can also send me a mail. Go to Contact Us, for all details.

In fact a large part of the first session would be spent on : 

Understanding the client’s problems & history behind
Explaining the basics of Hypnotherapy & what to expect in the process

Kindly note that, no issue can be resolved in just 1 session. It would take a minimum of 3 sessions, wherein many issues can be resolved. However extreme problems like Schizophrenia, major depression, addiction etc. can take many more sessions. – say 10 – 15.

However please note that there would be no expense at all towards any drugs, medicines or lab reports, which means that if it is 3 sessions or 3 hours shall be Rs. 4500 only.