Past life regression can benefit those who are looking for deep, spiritual reasons for their ailments or problems in life. For example, someone with a bad knee pain which cannot be medically explained or cured, might seek answers via the past life regression process. Often, the reasons can be traced back to a past life experience.

The method of cure is the basic acceptance of whatever wrong or right that occurred in that lifetime. This facilitates the process of “letting go and forgiveness”. Forgiveness can be sought or given (whichever is applicable) and the pain begins to dissipate, leading to a cure.

This process can also be applied to psychological ailments such as unexplained fears, phobias and mental blocks towards certain things in life. To cite another example, a person who in this life has no logical or scientific reason for claustrophobia, may find answers which link back to a trauma from a particular past life.

Past life regression can also be a beneficial exercise for those who are seeking their spiritual path. This may make things clear to them on a deep metaphysical level, leading them closer to awareness and enlightenment. In fact those, who can get into a deep meditation, can very much achieve this.

Is this For Real?

Any theory or process, which cannot be explained scientifically, logically or mathematically, is subject to doubts. This cannot be avoided. Rather, this questioning leads to a deeper evolution of the psyche.

There are evidences of verified past life regressions – events (pre & post) medically recorded, the process of therapy tape-recorded, for research & analysis. And again, there is no ‘test’ for deciding the truth in such matters. The only way to know if the “therapy” has been effective is – going by the end result. Is the pain gone or is the phobia erased.

However, past life can also be a good explanation of certain talents present in ‘child prodigies’. It is said that such talents are acquired from past lives, thus explaining why and how a child with no formal training can - for example - play the piano or sing difficult ragas in Hindustani Music, or do mathematics of class 8 & 9 at the age of 7 and so on. Many psychic and intuitive capabilities of individuals can also be linked to lessons learnt from the past life.

In reality many patients are cured. That is the ultimate “litmus test”. The client’s belief system or his mental non – acceptance of the concept is quite irrelevant to the ultimate results. Do we know (I mean the ordinary fellow beings) as to how a 600 MT aircraft, flies in the air. Does it mean that we don’t use them. Similar is the case here. But then, they are very very effective.

This is one of my areas of specialization. I have undergone extensive training in this area. Ultimately, “my real teacher” are my clients, whose feedback gives me the conviction.

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