This is one area where Hypnotherapy can be of very significant use. In reality, of course, this is very much underutilized. Think of it. More than 80 % of our Conscious Time, we spend our time with others – may be wife, husband, kids, parents, relatives, neighbours, girl friends, boy friends, peers in the office, subordinates, bosses, social circle, party get together & the list goes on.

When the “happiness quotient” in the “different relationships” is at reasonable levels, life is comparatively smooth sailing. But given the pressures of modern life – does this happen. There are enough people around us, to drive us crazy – the question is - can we still keep our mental equanimity & the tranquility.

Relationships basically come out of :

Those that are inherent, by virtue of our birth, in a certain family, country, race etc.  
Those that we opt for – friends, social circles etc.  
Those that we create, on a permanent basis – MARRIAGE  

Marriage :
This is one of the institutions of life that is facing a great challenge today. Joint family system has given way to “Nuclear Families”. In the process, the wisdom & maturity of the elders are not available to the younger ones. Aspirations are shooting up to disproportionate levels – not just a car but a Ferrari, not just a color TV but a 71 inch Plasma, not just a 3 BHK apartment but a swanky penthouse & the list goes on & on & on..

These aspirations result in mortgages, towards – house, world tour, expensive furnishings & what have you. The resultant effect – mounting bills, unmanageable debts, tension, worry, sleeplessness, insomnia …where is then the place for genuine happiness. Bickering, blame game, finger pointing start… creates a deep crack in the relationship…if not attended to in time, ends up in divorce or in many cases, 2 adults of the opposite sex living under the same roof, to avoid the social stigma of separation or for reasons of financial economics. Is it worth it. Should this scenario not be looked into & rectified. Should the couple not work towards increasing the “happiness quotient” of the marriage. In this birth, after all, life is lived just once.  

Ships are built to go on a voyage, expecting rough weather, storms & gales. Expecting a calm & still waters throughout the voyage is fantasy. The ship should be able to withstand these unexpected turn of events. So is the case with Marriage. So many marriages could have been saved if only some concerted effort was put in.

Similarly, in many many marriages, the happiness quotient can significantly be improved, if only the couple decide to work on the issues. Hypnotherapy can truly help the process. It is a complete myth that a sound financial standing can guarantee a happy marriage. Just not correct.

Await the 1 – Day programs, in this regard. If you wish to attend one of these, for more happiness in life, mail us your interest. We shall revert to you, on the same. If you have queries, do write to us. May God bless you ! ! !