Unfortunately, a lot of misconception exists about this science of Hypnotherapy. It is more to do with what is shown “on the stage” which is far from the truth. In reality the hypnotherapy sessions are done in a very simplistic way – with the client sitting on a comfortable chair or lying on a bed. Consequently, I do give free lectures to bring about a proper awareness & understanding of this science. Read the “Myths about Hypnotherapy” to understand better.

The lectures which I have delivered in different places, include the following :

To the Senior Management Staff of Rewas Ports Ltd. (part of Mukesh Ambani’s Navi Mumbai SEZ Venture, at their Corporate Of fice. View the testimonial in this regard.

At the Bharatheeya Vidyapeeth Architectural College at Khargarh, Navi Mumbai. Around 130 people participated, incl. the Principal, the Teaching Staff & the students.

Quite a few Rotary Clubs & Lions Club meetings

 I shall be happy to deliver one free lecture to a :
1.  School / College
2.  Corporate Group
3.  MBA Institutes
4. Rotary / Lions Meet / Special interest Groups etc.

Get in touch with me for the same, to fix up a mutually convenient time. Go to Contact us, to reach me. This, of course would be possible, within Mumbai & Navi Mumbai only.