Law of Attraction :
The fundamental truth about the life we lead, can be summed up in just three words
“Thoughts become things”. This is not some recent concoction.

Look at what Gauthama Buddha (563 BC to 483 BC) said in his “Dharma Chakra Pravartan”, some 2500 years ago,

The thought manifests as the word;
The word manifests as the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character;
So watch the thought and its ways with care,
And let it spring from love
Born out of concern for all beings...
As the shadow follows the body as we think, so we become.


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These aspects have, over time, been given various names, different titles and it has today assumed a new name called “The Law of Attraction” (LoA). It encapsulates the very same essence, as it had in the yester years – We create our reality.

The Brihadranayak Upanishad, written some 500 years ago, says –

You are what your deep driving desire is
As your desire is, so is your will
As your will is, so is your deed,
As your deed is, so is your destiny

This is essentially what is captured in the recent best seller – The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.
The Mankind today is stressed more than ever before. The global events, the happenings around, the main line news in the morning newspapers, the points discussed in TV – they all give us a strong dose of negativity – morning, noon & night.

It is quite impossible to not get impacted by this constant barrage of negativity. Yet, life has to go on, still people have to live happily. Easier said than done – more so, when the dreams remain just that – dreams, when the gap between “expectations & reality” seems to be ever widening, when the laws of life seem so very illogically skewed, in favour of a selected few.

“Just 1 % of the World’s population earn over 96 % of the world’s total earnings, in a year”.
Is the “Law of Attraction” …. here…..just coincidental….!!!
75 % of the patients lying in the Hospital Beds are there with “Real Physical Pain” for reasons arising from their Mind
(This has been Medically Researched & Proven)
Does this force you to infer a  “Strong correlation between Mind & Body”!!!
The problem is – Most people are thinking about what they don’t want in Life And they’re wondering why it shows up over & over & over again… Wish to break this damn pattern; well there are ways..
Just make the “Laws of Attraction”, which is working against you…. to work for you In computers, we say – Garbage in…garbage out……right….. Can it be different, when it comes to our Mind !!!
The underlying concept, or what they call “The Secret”, is quite simple Those who visit a Gymnasium regularly have a fairly trouble – free body, Can even boast of a “6 – Pack – Abs” to flaunt…..The Secret is .. The body is put – thru’ a certain time – tested & a disciplined regimen
How can it then be different, when it comes to Mind !!!
But then, do we do “anything at all” to train that, apart from whining & complaining Do we first realize this, and even if realized do we act upon it, Based on certain time – tested principles.. Think about it & give yourself an honest answer… The secret would unfold automatically
Just that – When we talk about “The Mind” here, we refer to the Sub Conscious Mind that forms more than 88 - 90 % of our Total Mind And it is “Only Hypnotherapy” that deals with our Sub Conscious Mind

The One – day – Workshop would cover, amongst other aspects, the following :

  1. What exactly is the “Law of Attraction” & how does it work
  2. How to align this Law of Attraction to work in our favor
  3. Emotional Detoxification
  4. Creative Visualization
  5. Self Hypnosis – the way to a more happier / satisfying life
  6. The “critical role of Sub Conscious Mind" & ways to integrate this, with the Law of Attraction
  7. Law of attraction is always working, whether you believe it or not; whether you like it or not; whether you understand it or not – how to handle that great force.
  8. Taking the process to its logical end…in a positive way.

Workshop Timings & Your Investment:

  1. It shall be from 9 AM – 6 PM
  2. This is a Certified Program
  3. The venue will be notified
  4. Your Investment - Rs. 2500 (incl.3 coffees, Breakfast, lunch, training)

The training facilitators :

1.  Dr. Vasanti : To know more about her, go to “About Us”.

2.  Mr. B. R. Muralidharan, a Chartered Accountant & a Financial Consultant. He has addressed at forums like – IIM – Kolkata, PRCI (Public Relations Council of India, Senior Management Staff of the (Rs. 12, 000 Cr.) Shriram Group, been the Executive Director of an Industry Body called ERA (Executive Recruiters Association – , for recruiters, on the lines of Nasscom), held close discussions with – Ministry of Finance – Govt. of India, the Planning Commission Members amongst others. Carries a rich Corporate experience.  

What’s needed from the participant’s side :
Just believe that – Thoughts become Things Light that fire in your belly
You will then cross many frontiers…
This is my Promise to You…!!!