Basic Course in Clinical Hypnosis (Level 1)     

Understanding the concepts of Hypnotherapy can help you change your perspective in your life. It can have very positive & far-reaching implications that will guide you thru’ your “journey of life”. It can generally de – stress your mind, bring in a lot of calmness & above all give you the inner peace.

Based on your experience after attending the Level – 1 Workshop, you may choose to do further levels. All I can say – it will bring in definite & a positive turn to your life.

Who should attend :  Freshers - Aspiring to be Therapists, Counselors,& Psychiatrists,& HR Professionals, Homeopath Doctors & Medical Professionals & specially for Psychology Students & others - For “Self Hypnosis and Self Empowerment”


All that you need, to become a fine Hypnotherapist is - "a real burning desire, that's all"
Course Content Covers: 

•       History of Hypnosis •       Development of the Human Mind
•       The Working of Human Mind •       Creating the Hypnotic State
•       The Theory of Suggestibility •       The Laws of Suggestibility
•       Conducting a Hypnosis Session •       Deepening Techniques for Deep Hypnosis
•       Wording of Effective Suggestions •       Learning Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
•       Awakening Techniques •       Self Hypnosis

Duration : 3 Days  : Generally held on Saturday & Sunday (Await announcement)
Certification: "Master Hypnotist" from California Hypnosis Institute of India. Visit
Prerequisite: 18 years and above  
Timing: 9.30 am to 6.30 pm on all days                    

Course fee : Rs. 7500 only.
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