Most of our problems emanate from our Mind. More so, from our Sub Conscious Mind, which in turn is transmitted to our Conscious Mind. Hypnotherapy gets to the roots of the Sub Conscious Mind, does the cleansing, which in turn cleans the Conscious Mind.

We have to realize the fact that it is our Sub Conscious Mind that is the “trigger – point” of many of our actions & a whole lot of our “thought process”. It is the “root” & our Conscious Mind is just a “major stem”. If you wish to correct a process, would you treat the Root or the Stem. Hypnotherapy tries to clean the root, to give us those lasting benefits.


(The list below is just indicative & not exhaustive)

Life Enhancement : 

Lack of Self Confidence
Low Self Esteem
Communication Problems
Improving Memory
Removal of Exam fear
Goal Achievement
Time Management
Anger Management
Inspiration to visit Gym / Doing Yoga / Regular Exercise etc.
Relationship & Marriage : 

Relationship problems
Pre & Post Marriage Issues
Building strong relationships
Emotional Bonding

Fears & Phobias :

Unexplained Fears & Phobias (towards things like – Water, Height, Lifts &  Elevators, Opp. Sex etc.)
Nervousness & Anxiety
Fear of Uncertainty about   Future
 Stress & Pain Management :

Tension & Stress 
Mental unrest
Mood Swings
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Pain Management
General body aches & pains
Performing Arts & Sport Hypnosis :

Removal of Stage Fear
Performance anxiety
Achieving improved results in that sport activity – swimming, athletics & tracks etc.
Extreme Cases :

Bi- Polar Disorder
Suicidal tendencies
Imagined Fears
De – Addiction : Smoking / Alcoholism / Drugs
Personality Related Issues : 

Speaking before a Group
Confidence to attend interviews
feeling lonely or sidelined or lost in a group

For School & College Students :

Exam fear  & Tension
Improving memory & concentration
Foreign Energy : 

Removal of Curses, Vows, Perceived Black Magic
Release of  Foreign Energies
Past life Regression : 

Improving the “Present”, by “Healing Your Past”. Karma Resolving