One of the primary goals of psychotherapy has been the healing of depression, anxiety, chronic anger, and other emotional disorders, as well as the alleviation of psychosomatic diseases whose source is in the client's suppressed emotions. As hypnotherapists, we are constantly encountering our clients' childhood pain and trauma while attempting to assist them in behavioral changes, called "Emotional Clearing Therapy." This section will show you, in brief, how these new strategies of healing childhood traumas, accelerates the solving of these emotional problems.

Psychological research has strongly indicated that our patterns of emotional health or weakness are often determined by childhood factors. Sigmund Freud was the first modern psychologist to suggest that trauma in the early years of childhood might be of supreme importance in determining an individual's emotional adjustment in later life.

More recent research by behavioral psychologists has indicated that the basic nurturing a child receives in its first 6 years of life provides the critical foundation for happiness, maturity and responsibility in later life. Serious traumas occurring in this time period can permanently cripple that child's maturing process.

The insight gained by the client into the childhood sources of his current neurosis would, theoretically, allow the client to let go of childish or irrational behavior. However, a large percentage of clients have discovered that insight alone is not sufficient to relieve the emotional symptoms caused by childhood trauma.

By taking the client back to the scene of these childhood experiences and reliving them in gory detail, it is thought that a client could release the emotional charge from the experience. This would relieve muscular tension, anxiety, and neurotic behavior. These therapies are based on the concept that releasing locked-in emotion through acting out buried feelings in the context of being regressed to a childhood memory presented the long-sought solution for childhood trauma. Therefore, it is called "emotional release therapy."

Any way you look at it, emotional clearing is a therapy that creates the solid foundation of love, support, and positive nurturing, necessary for emotional security and happiness. In today’s complex world, ridden with stress, emotional clearing can carve out the path for a happy future!

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