All of us have a desire to gift someone we like / love, in a manner that will offer them “lasting benefits”. Right. Here is a “a very thoughtful proposition”. You could gift a friend – “a Session” or a “One – Day Workshop or “two – day Hypnotherapy workshop – Level: 1”.

It is not just a mere gift that you have made.  You have shown them a “New Path”or a different way to handle their life’s issues – stress, fear, phobias & the likes. What do you think would be their reaction when they overcome these problems, in their lifes.


The costs are as under :

1.    A single session – Rs. 1000
2.    A “one day workshop” – Rs. 2500
3.    A “two day level – 1 Hypnotherapy workshop” – Rs. 6000

Cheques are to be made in favor of – Dr. M. Vasanti & couriered to the address given in “Contact Us”.

You can do all of these, On – Line, as detailed below. Just that the payment has to be done “off – line”. We shall connect up with the recipient of your gift & take it to its logical end.

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Single session Rs. 1000
One day workshop” Rs. 2500
Two day level – 1 Hypnotherapy workshop” Rs. 6000