You have taken an important step in life, to cure some problems of yours thru’ a science that you have to personally experience….that will make your “halting belief ” into an “unimpeachable conviction”.

Before you proceed, I suggest that you carefully read the section, “Issues that can be resolved thru’ Hypnotherapy”. If you also read “What is hypnotherapy”, your understanding would be that much better. Your aspirations & expectations would then be closer to reality.

Rs.3000/session, first session Rs. 3500/-. It shall be held my Consulting Chambers at Koparkhairne, Navi Mumbai.

It is better to reach me on the phone & fix up an appointment. However you can also send me a mail. Go to Contact Us, for all details.
Meetings by prior Appointments only.

1. What is Hypnotherapy :
The term "hypnosis" comes from the Greek word “hypnos” meaning, "sleep." Hypnotherapists use exercises that bring about deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness, also known as a trance. In fact the person would be in a state of “Deep focused relaxation with heightened awareness”.
A person, in a deeply focused state, is unusually responsive to an idea or image, but this does not mean that a hypnotist can control the person's mind and free will.
It refers to techniques that bypass the conscious mind and use altered mental states to facilitate behavioral, emotional, or attitudinal change, to treat stress, phobias, and therapeutic side effects, and to promote healing.
2.  If I am a first time user of Hypnosis, the state of being in trance  (the magical or mystical state) – will it be a first time experience for me, in my life.
Far from being a magical or mystical state, hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that occurs in every one of us spontaneously each day. In fact you certainly would have experienced hypnosis at least once today already, and you will experience it at least once more, which you may not be aware of. The first time was when you woke up this morning in that - half awake, half asleep feeling. The other time will be tonight, as you drift off to sleep.
How many times have you driven back home, without knowing as to how actually you drove. When you think back, you may not recall as to – what you did & when – as you were reaching your place. You were then in a slight hypnotic trance, lost in some thoughts.
You are also in a trance, when you are lying down with your eyes closed, hearing a melodious song or looking into the TV during the final moments of a soccer match or when you are in a Discotheque, amidst loud music or when you are doing meditation. Hence, being in a state of – slight hypnotic trance is nothing new to your mind or body.

3.  How does Hypnotherapy work?
Hypnotherapy helps to change the behavior by accessing your Sub Conscious Mind; this is a very powerful area and this is where, all your past memories are stored.
Kindly go through “Myths about Hypnotherapy”, for better understanding.
 4. What are the issues that can be resolved by Hypnotherapy :
Most of our problems emanate from our Mind. More so, from our Sub Conscious Mind, which in turn is transmitted to our Conscious Mind. Hypnotherapy gets to the roots of the Sub Conscious Mind, does the cleansing, which in turn cleans the Conscious Mind. Some of the issues that can be resolved thru’ Hypno are :
The list below is just indicative & not exhaustive
Life Enhancement : 

Lack of Self Confidence
Low Self Esteem
Communication Problems
Improving Memory
Removal of Exam fear
Goal Achievement
Time Management
Anger Management
Inspiration to visit Gym / Doing Yoga / Regular Exercise etc.
Relationship & Marriage : 

Relationship problems
Pre & Post Marriage Issues
Building strong relationships
Emotional Bonding

Fears & Phobias :

Unexplained Fears & Phobias (towards things like – Water, Height, Lifts &  Elevators, Opp. Sex etc.)
Nervousness & Anxiety
Fear of Uncertainty about   Future
 Stress & Pain Management :

Tension & Stress 
Mental unrest
Mood Swings
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Pain Management
General body aches & pains
Performing Arts & Sport Hypnosis :

Removal of Stage Fear
Performance anxiety
Achieving improved results in that sport activity – swimming, athletics & tracks etc.
Extreme Cases :

Bi- Polar Disorder
Suicidal tendencies
Imagined Fears
De – Addiction : Smoking / Alcoholism / Drugs
Personality Related Issues : 

Speaking before a Group
Confidence to attend interviews
feeling lonely or sidelined or lost in a group

For School & College Students : 

Exam fear  & Tension
Improving memory & concentration
Foreign Energy : 

Removal of Curses, Vows, Perceived Black Magic
Release of  Foreign Energies
Past life Regression : 

Improving the “Present”, by “Healing Your Past”. Karma Resolving

5. Can just about anyone be hypnotized?
Yes. Unless the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, at the time, when Hypnotic healing is sought.
6. When I seek Hypnotic help, does it mean that something is wrong with me?
Not at all. In fact, it is like sending your nice 6-month-old car to the workshop for periodic maintenance. Does it by any chance mean that your car is not in a good condition? Since you intend to keep your car in ship – shape, you send it to workshop. In fact, it conveys your pro-active approach to life.
When it comes to Hypnotherapy, it is lot more than that. The 88 % Sub Conscious Mind keeps impacting your Mind & Body System, all the time - sometimes positively & at other times, quite negatively. It is always in a dynamic state, never static.Should you then not understand as to how it works & further how to make it work in your favour, in the journey of your life !!
7.Can I get solutions in just one sitting ?
No. Do not expect any miracles in just 1 sitting. It will take a minimum of 2 – 3 sittings, during which quite a few problems can be resolved. The first session is largely spent on – understanding the client’s nature of problem, its extent & intensity & the general backdrop to it.
During the first session the client is given a therapy to generally get “de – stressed” & to get a feel of Hypnotherapy. This helps the Client – to feel comfortable with future sessions, understand as to what a Hypnotherapy session involves & getting the queries & apprehensions clarified.
In difficult cases such as – major depression, suicidal tendencies, Schizophrenia and the like, it can even go up to 12 – 15 sessions.
8. Are any drugs to be taken or Lab reports, needed :
No. There are no drugs ever & no lab reports either. There is absolutely no pain at all.
9. What is your fee structure & how long would a session be :
I charge Rs.3000/session. First Session Rs. 3500/-
1 – day Programs & other Workshops are to be paid per the announcement.

10. Do I need to do anything in specific, before coming to you for a session :
Nothing in particular. Just make sure that you don’t consume alcohol or do – drug that day, before meeting me.

It would be quite useful if you visited my site, to get some idea on – what is this all about. Read the fee structure, What is Hypnotherapy, Myths surrounding it, Issues that can be resolved by Hypnotherapy etc. You then know, what to expect.

This would save valuable time during the first session, which otherwise would be consumed in explaining these basic aspects to you.
You are at perfect liberty to refuse to answer some of my questions, if that bothers you. However, it is in your interest to share as much details about your problem, as you wish. This would help me to understand you better & strategize my approach, quickly & effectively.
Do not be in a tearing hurry, to leave my place. After all, you are meeting me to get some of your critical issues resolved.
Have a little faith. I shall deliver on my promise.
Finally, please keep up your appointed time. If you are likely to get delayed, kindly give me a call as early as you can.
11.Could I be made to do something against my will?
No. Hypnotherapy is about you having more control over your own thoughts, behaviors and beliefs. No one can make you do anything, which is against your wishes.
12. Will I know what’s happening?
Yes, you are not asleep but simply very relaxed. You will clearly hear my questions & answer me in a very proper way – your response or the thought process. You shall explain to me as to what you see or feel in that state of trance. You shall hear more clearly the sound of a car – horn or the sound of an aircraft passing above. You have enough control to stand up and walk out, if you so wished.
13. If the Hypnotherapy session goes wrong, can it affect me in any way :
No. At the very least, you will feel a 10 % improvement – a little de – stressed. It  cannot & will not affect you in any way, either physically or mentally. 
There is no physical contact during a Hypnotherapy session, but for touching your “Third Eye”, which is on your forehead, between your 2 eyebrows.