75 % of the patients lying in the Hospital Beds are there with “Real Physical Pain” for reasons arising from their Mind (This is Medically Researched & Proven)
Do you still feel that there is no “Strong correlation between Mind & Body”!!!
Just 1% of the World’s Population earns around 96 % of the Total World’s Earnings
Is the “Law of Attraction” …. here…..just coincidental….!!!
The problem is – Most people are thinking about what they don’t want in Life, and they’re wondering why it shows up over & over & over again…
Wish to break this damn pattern; well there are ways.. A lot of these owe their origin to what goes thru’ our mind.
Just that – When we talk about “The Mind”,
we refer to the Sub Conscious Mind that forms more than 88 - 90 % of our Total Mind
And it is “Only Hypnotherapy”
that deals with our Sub Conscious Mind
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