Many a time, we genuinely decide to pursue a certain aspect. But then, given the “time – pressures” in a city like Mumbai & the logistics of reaching a certain place, inevitably postpones the action. I can understand. I live in Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai.

For a person , wishing to come from Dadar or Andheri (w) or even Thane demands a certain allocation of time. Commuting alone, both ways, could take up 2 hours. Add to that the actual Hypno session that could consume around an hour & a half. That aggregates to 3.5 hrs & close to half a day.

I realize that this aspect could be a point of deterrent, given the life style of Mumbai. To help you overcome this problem, I have decided to offer these sessions, at your office & during your working hours. It shall broadly be characterized by :

1.    To start with, it shall be offered to a select few Corporates, within Mumbai / Navi Mumbai.

2.    On a given day, I shall offer 3 sessions, each spanning around 60 – 75 minutes.

3.    It shall be at your office, during working days & working hours. I shall generally operate between 9 am & 1.30 pm. Each of these sessions is very intense & I would not be able to focus & concentrate beyond 3 sessions, in a day.

4.    I shall operate between Monday & Friday of a week, based on prior appointments.

5.    You shall be away from your seat, for just 90 minutes & will be perfectly all right, to resume your work, in a normal fashion after the session.

6.    I just need a 125 sq.ft. room, well air-conditioned, with a 7 ft. / 3 ft. cot with a comfortable mattress & a chair for me to sit. That’s it.

7.    As explained in this site, there are no drugs, no pain & no physical contact, during the sessions. Pl. go thru’ the “make an appointment” link, to get to know on – what to expect.

8.    No. of sessions would depend on – the nature of your problem, its intensity, your response time & the like.

9.    The commercials & the costs shall be discussed with your Corporate.

10.  I shall deliver concrete results, which you will feel for yourself, in 2 or 3 sessions.

11. All the very best & let me know. Go to “Contact Us” to reach me.

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