There are a few emotions that constantly attack our “Mind & Body System”, even without our realization of the same. Topping the list of our emotions is “anger” whichis just 1 step short of “(d)anger”. Anger emanates from a host of reasons that envelop us all the time. Anger with the Spouse / Children / Bosses / peers, anger about oneself due to poor self image or lack of confidence, anger with political corruption & ineffective system, communal riots, terrorist attacks & the list goes on & on. The point is – any emotion needs a release, through a safety valve.  

For example, when you are very happy, what do you do? You just go out & have a blast. What do you do when you are extremely angry? It generally manifests in an unacceptable / crazy behavior that sends everyone around you, into a pall of gloom. This happens to everyone in the house, at different levels of intensity & with varying levels of capacity to manage the same. If this anger is left unchecked, can you then expect smile, cheer & happiness in that house?

This anger leads to ulcers, sugar levels shooting up, higher Blood Pressure, mood swings or in essence - a very agitated mind. This is because, as the Allopathic Medical fraternity will confirm, anger produces certain chemicals & enzymes in the body that can play havoc & wreck our internal system. When a glass is filled with water to the brim, is there any room for adding some nice milk to that. To get back that peace, happiness & tranquility, one needs to empty the glass (if not fully, at least partially) to make room for other positive emotions to come in.

With the global meltdown witnessed today, with major Corporates going in for job – cuts, with an ever widening gap between expectations & realities (with expectations reaching disproportionate levels) leading to major disappointments, there are genuine reasons today, for many to feel angry. Don’t you wish to take control of this scenario?


Hypnotic Empowerment will periodically announce 1 – Day workshops, which can help you to understand this phenomenon better & the ways to keep them under reasonable control. Delivered thru’ the process of Hypnotherapy, your Sub Conscious Mind can accept these suggestions, without questioning them & pass it on in its time to the “always questioning Conscious Mind”.
Well, here is an opportunity for you to get back that genuine inner – peace and smile & above all make a definitive & a positive change to your life. Welcome to the world of Happiness.

If you are interested to have some control over your sense of anger, send me a mail. I shall keep you informed during the appropriate time. Go to “Contact Us” to reach me.